Training DVDs

Veneer Coat Plastering

The first DVD, Base Coat, demonstrates how to apply base coat plaster over plasterboard.

The second DVD, Finishes, shows how to apply a variety of textured finishes, as well as smooth coat finish, over base coat.

Plaster Repair

This DVD shows how to repair small and large cracks and holes. I share easy to follow tips and techniques that will help you make a success of your next Plaster Repair project. You just won’t find this kind of information anywhere else. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this one!


Many older homes have loose and cracked plaster on the walls and ceilings. This DVD will show you ways to make a success of your restoration project, by securing and resurfacing these areas.

Ready to

If you are interested in one of these DVDs, or the whole set, simply email me and I’ll send you information on how to order them.

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